Month: January 2015

A Blooming Chanel

Let’s just start off by saying that the Chanel set alone was a blooming mechanical banquet. According to’s Tim Blanks, it took six months to create the 300 flowers on the set. Of course they started off as a dull bud and bloomed after being watered by a male model with a Chanel watering can. Yes, you heard it…they have watering cans. Just imagine a mechanical chic Chanel garden…yep that’s it!

If you aren’t in the spring spirit, get with it. The Chanel Spring 2015 Couture Collection has of course made us forget about the last collection. It’s amazing how Karl Lagerfeld has an overlapping form of creativity. He has the ability to blow us away in fashion every time. No collection can be possibly be his best because he always top the last with something greater.

One thing that I value more than ever are DETAILS. Details in your outfit can change your entire look whether its a bit of glitz or a piece of glam. Fancy buttons or heavy beading.

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The Stylespiration Issue Vol. 1

It’s almost most Spring and Pre Fall is on the way (well kind of). I’m so excited about fashion week that I’ve been glued to every chance I get! Call me crazy but there’s something about the freshness of new fashion going down the runway. I love how we can be a flower child one season and a rocking rebel the next. Fashion is a rosebud that will continue to bloom. And now, here’s my latest obsession… sandals and socks. Yes, of course the unfashionable according to the not so fashion-friendly individual would thinks one who wears socks is a slob but I’m here to tell you different. There’s quite a few designers styling there collection this way but No. 21 is doing it best at the moment. Just look and see.No21_007_1366No21_009_1366

What brings this sock trend together perfectly is the designers choice of layering pieces. If you must wear socks with sandals that obviously means there’s a bit of chill outside. Allow your combination style piece to make sense by wearing a sweater and show a little leg with a midi skirt if Jack Frost hasn’t come to visit. The color selection also matters while pulling off such a trend. Caramel hues keeps this particular look (shown above) fresh, light and less of a drag.


If wearing a skirt during the winter makes absolutely no sense to you, wide leg cropped jeans (gaucho pants) may make you feel better. By the way, out with skinny jeans and insert, flared, bold, wide leg everything. Don’t say farewell to your skinnies permanently, simply tuck them away until they make their  debut another season.No trend goes away forever.

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Cool Calm and Selective



One thing that I love most about the Stella McCartney Spring 2015 Ready-to Wear Collection is the minimalist strutting at her peak. The highest moments ( to me) of a great outfit is its ability to mesh naturally. No extra twist in your walk or a pull and tug at your skirt…but simply going with the flow. Although I can be the queen of accessories, there are times when less outweighs more and sometimes adding layering jewels could kill weigh down chic feather of an outfit. My point is to learn to balance your look and go with what you feel.  If your look is great with jewels so be it. Grab a detailed bag and go on your way. Sandals can also substitute as jewelry. This collection is for effortless days while remaining high fashion and chic. No one said pile on your entire closet and you’ll be the fancy one of them all.

Shine All Day


One thing that I’ve noticed overtime is people being afraid to sparkle. Why on earth would I wait for the sun to go down in order to shine? There’s 24 hours in a day and I say use as many as possible. Im not saying wear your outfit for a night outing with your friends the entire day but shine a little. I’ve had these Zara bejeweled sling backs for about two years and I wear the most during the day. How? Easy. Grab your favorite pair of jeans or leather pants and brighten up the day. The sun isn’t the only thing with an illuminating touch. You can also wear a sequin clutch with a full denim look or all black. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple and not overwhelming. Please don’t overwhelm a great look with all your glam at once…save a little for next time. Start your day in jewels, diamonds, or a touch of sequin and you’ll shine all day.

Get up and get out!

Get up, get up! It’s time to get going. 2015 has graced us with her beauty and your time is now. If had any hesitations last year, just leave them there. The best thing about a stylist woman is confidence and drive. Rush to your dreams and do it in style. Read up on your favorite looks and make them your own. I’m in the midst of the ‘Tasha of Spring’ as we speak. No one ever said you had to look the same. The weapon is to be continuously chic and bloom in your own image. Water the garden and watch it grow! Happy 2015 to my followers! I appreciate you all like no other. Stride in style my friends.


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