Militant Beauty


Attention all women! If you don’t own anything in your closet that is military inspired, you must fall in line! Although every photo posted here is from the Marc Jacobs Spring Ready-to-wear collection, you can also find this trend at Forever 21, Zara, H&M and more. Gold buttons, short blazers with exaggerated collars, long  form fitting trench coats with embellishments are all pieces that will help you accomplish the look of a glamorous military fashion fairy. Does every piece have to be army green? No, not at all. In fact creating this look can be created with one special piece. Cinch your waist with a bold double breasted blazer and baggy jeans or trousers. We all have our own battles in life, we may as well kill the negative vibes in style.

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Clean and Chic





Clean,chic,pretty business is a great representation of the Marissa Webb Pre Fall 2015 collection. Not only should styling yourself become a lot easier, your pockets should also become a lot heavier.  Well that’s if you’re a cash carrying gal but you get what I’m trying to say. Looking forward when it comes to fashion will always save you money. There’s no need to invest in 5-second trends when you’re looking to have a style with a lasting impression. Cropped blazers have become my new “thing’. They’re easier to use as a layering piece without making yourself feel or look puffy or tight. A sheer blouse is a finishing touch, you can even choose to wear one with a pussybow, whatever fits your style is great. The vest in the picture above is darling and perfect to wear during the transitional time. You know like a warm day with a bit of a breeze? Trousers are a staple that can be styled in several ways. You can find an affordable pair at Walmart, Forever 21, Express, Zara, H&M, and a few other stores. Since black trousers are easy to come by, its great to make them apart of your daily wardrobe, you can style them up or down. Marissa Webb styled them up in this instance. You can also find stylish coats like those in her collection by racking up during the winter sale this season and holding onto them until next fall. Shop for hues that can be used for several seasons like great, black, army green, and ox blood. Here’s more photos of my favorite looks from the Marissa Webb Pre-Fall Collection. Enjoy.




Dream of Fendi


Fendi has once again surprised me with such a thrilling collection. Karl Lagerfeld had fun while creating such with pops of color, and making wool look as light as a feather. The Pre-Fall Collection represented an elegant woman with a sense of humor striding through life with an outlook of the brighter side. There was a moment when Fendi hid behind the shadows of other designers but now the brand is bolder than ever and steps ahead. I’d love every peeping tom of a Fendi monster to have a home in my closet. The monster on the biker jacket is my favorite piece. This is a reminder that fashion and style aren’t meant to be fun and free and most of all you. Have fun with Fendi.

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Tweed Uproar!


Tweed is no stranger to Fall/Winter but it has definitely changed its form! Sneakers…I haven’t been a fan of them since the 7th grade but I must say that I’m considering a pair this season. Chanel, Dior, Zara, and I’m sure many more designers , have presented girly girls like myself with the perfect sneaker. There will always be Nike, New Balance, and let’s not forget Adidas but there is something about the Fashion Sneaker that makes everything so right.

I  have to be honest, the Chanel sneaker is a bit on the pricey side but if you can afford them, I say go for the splurge! The Zara sneaker is defintely in my price range since it’s a huge possibility that these beauties will probably be in my closet more than they would on my feet (honesty at its finest).  You can find the Zara replica here—bags/woman/shoes/combined-trainers-c665017p1984798.html.

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Easy Breezy Culotte Season


      T’is  the season to let your bottoms flow. I’ve always loved culottes and everything that could be paired with them. They were my favorite in high school. Culottes have made a great come-back and unlike most trends they haven’t changed a bit. I know what you’re thinking. ” They may make me look heavier or even sloppy.” Cut it out! The secret to piling (layering) properly is to have a great balance. If your top is baggy or cropped, your bottom should be fitted, high-waisted, of slim in the waist. It’s just that simple. Once you learn your curves and what makes them look great, you’ll create great looks daily.



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Bottled Up in a Blogger Haven

Have you noticed that all the fashion…well let’s be safe and change that to “most.” As I was saying, most of the well-known fashion bloggers of today dress the same? Same shoe of the moment, paired with the “oh girl I have to have that bag!” Has the sense of style taken the back seat? What ever happened to wearing shoes everyday because they’re simply good to your feet? There is nothing more annoying than missing your biweekly pedicure and suffering another week because you MUST tip toe around in the shoes today every woman has.

It’s ok. Don’t worry. You will be seen…let’s hope that’s a good thing .Have you considered your own sense of style? You know the one that dwells deep within and comes out and make you smile when you look in the mirror. Uniqueness has to be one of the most overused terms there is. “I just want to be different.” Or. “I wear what I want.” The most full of it responses that I receive on a daily basis.

What you all really should be saying is “I have it because he has it, she wore, and now I want it.” Style is a pile of clay that will only find it’s shape according to your headspace. If your head is empty…you then create negative space: a place will with other. Find your style and mode your space.

Blogger Going on Broke

So let’s have a chat. The newest trend that I’ve noticed is fashion bloggers spending money that they don’t have. Now let’s bring some clarity to this story; I’m not one for negative media or hateful remarks but we (bloggers) must spend according to our real funds.

I must admit that it can be very challenging to look at a new item online or in-store and immediately think “this would be great for the blog!” I’ve done it on several occasions and found myself wondering where on earth did my money go!

My solution you ask? Well first be smart. Second, use items that you already have and incorporate new accessories if “something new” is a must. Mixing and matching from your closet is a true talent. Believe me, some people wear the same ensemble over and over again without changing it up and they look to us (bloggers) for a sense of change. Now how would it look if you knew that your favorite blogger was completely broke? Shop smart…not stupid. Trends are to be made. There’s no such thing as assigned trend creators from God. It’s all in how many cares-less someone has. Forget what everyone is wearing and stride in your own style and have enough money to buy your lunch while you’re at it 😉

Join the Tribe

Here is one of my favorite looks from last week. It’s quite simple; I had no idea of what I wanted to wear and this is what I came up with after two tops, three pairs of pants, and one dress. I’m not a skirt girl but all things that are in tribal prints are worth the risk. These pieces are a few seasons old but it’s not thing that you can’t find again.




Me before the Sun Began to Shine!

So there are these instances when I have a random wake up time on my work schedule and yesterday was that kind of day. What do I do to pump myself up for an early morning? Well. I overdress for the occasion. Make your super early I don’t want to get out of my bed days an event. And lets be honest…who’s going to under dress for a special event? Not you! It’s very true this saying…you look good you feel good. At least I think so. Outfit details below 😉


Zara Woman Collection Wedges here
Old TRF t shirt
Those Zara camo pants every blogger wanted last season
Random denim top from Walmart years ago
Bag here

So there’s this thing…

So there’s this thing that I had for white shoes…I hated them! They were a constant reminder of Easter Sunday with polka dots, floral prints and scuff marks. White shoes were never in decent condition, at least from my view. I think the last time I’ve worn a pair…I was maybe 5 years old wearing a straw hat with a pink ribbon tied in a bow. And then came along these babies. Zara will make you fall in love with things you hated for oh so long. Meet my new blanco babes. 🙂