5 Ways to be Boho-chic

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While bohemian looks can come off as fun and care-free, it can also look a bit bummy and literally care-free if you don’t style yourself properly. The key to accomplishing a fun boho look is to layer with light pieces (unless you’re dealing with cold weather). Great pieces to own in order to accomplish this look are crochet or lace vest, linen tank tops, denim or crochet shorts, chiffon skirts with a frill, oh of course yes a belt! A belt would be nice (thick or thin).  If yore not the girl who wears skirts or dresses, there’s still hope for you. Jeans with laces on the side! Where? Well you can always buy a pair by the originator of this trend…Isabel Marant or settle for a pair from Forever 21.


Let’s not forget about your accessories, there’s always room for a fringe cross body, hobo bag, or clutch. Boots or fringe sandals will serve as strong pieces to seal your look. Sunglasses are also a plus, round frames or aviators, whatever style suits your gorgeous face.

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The Oscars 2015 Red Carpet Review

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals





The Oscars 2015 red carpet was beyond pretty women standing around waiting to curtsey, include it was a balloon of glamour. Not only did the best of the best designers make their make as their pieces draped over the world’s best actresses and women of power, there was a constant glow in spite of the drizzles of rain. These are my favorites. What looks were your favorite?

Bohemian Gypsy


Nicole_Miller_03_1366Nicole_Miller_16_1366Nicole_Miller_13_1366 Nicole_Miller_12_1366

Hop off of the typical train ride through your closet and have an adventure with the magic-carpet looks from Nicole Miller’s Pre-Fall 2015 Collection. The bohemian girl meets her inner gypsy and go for a ride. Every look is as cool, calm, and collected as we all wish to be on a daily basis. I love this collection because is it the perfect mix. Not too, girly but it has everything that would make you feel laid back and beautiful at the same time. Who ever said that you have to look or feel uncomfortable to reap the benefits of looking beautiful? Honey, take a deep breath and exhale the expectations of the world’s idea of beauty and create your own. What are the ingredients to becoming the beauty boho-gypsy? A fringe kimono, a pair of flare printed pants, a maxi dress [show your shoulders if you dare], thin necklaces [ chunky jewels won’t do the trick this time], a beaded cross body bag, and strappy sandals or heels. My latest post have been on Pre-Fall 2015 collections because you can only become fashion forward if you look ahead. Stride in style my friends.

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Tis’ the Season to be FEATURED!

Hi everyone. Spring is officially my blogging season. Yesterday I was featured on one of my favorite blogs as the Bombshell of the Day. Last year around this time, I was featured for the first time as a fashion blogger on Everything Girls Love (EGL) , and later featured on The Fashion Bomb Daily. You can find all of my features here:   here: and here:


March 24th, 2014
Fashion Bombshell Of The Day: Tasha From Orlando
Today we have 2nd time Bombshell Tasha from Orlando, Florida, as Bombshell Du Jour:
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April 19th, 2013
Fashion Bombshell Of The Day: Tasha From Orlando
Today’s lucky Bombshell is Tasha from Orlando, Florida:



EGL’s Fashionista of the Month: April 2013


“EGL is a woman’s sanctuary and provides everything that successful fashion forward business woman could ever dream of. EGL is where I’d like to be.”


Mule Along


This one is for all the women who absoultely love spring. The time that we pull out our favorite dresses, skirts, sandals and clean our homes some time in between. This spring will be different! Trust me. Throw your favorite sandals aside and slip on a pair of mules. Yes! Mules, are the hottest trend on my “Things I NEED for spring list.” There is a variety of styles to choose from. Open toe, peep toes to hide those not so darling but hard-working feet of yours, tassels, leather,bright colors,white and black for those who like to play it safe. Mules are the new strappy sandal of the season. Most styles that I’ve tried on myself, were very comfortable and great to wear for a day of shopping or a long day of work. Go on… say farewell to all those straps and buckles and mule on! Looking for a designer mules without the designer price? Find a blog worthy pair here




Chip off the old blog


An ongoing trend that needs to come to an end are chipped manicures shown in blog post. Petty much? Absolutely not! How can one expect me to love that great designer(or non designer) nail lacquer when her nail polish is chipped in the post? Talk about detail. I’ve seen this common mishap in some of my favorite bloggers post and I often wonder “does anyone see this besides me?”. No need to name-drop because we have enough negativity in the social world. Rule number one fashion bloggers: Get it together and stay there. This goes back to my days as a child; wondering why the lady on the television selling jewelry had such pretty hands. Well it has definitely become clear. I’ve seen a blogger post her “new in” pieces and one was a beautiful clutch, I no longer seen the clutch because her nail polish wasn’t adding up. Call it what you want but if all our favorite magazines decided to omit the small things, all of those great editorials and that we love would mean nothing. There is nothing like reading a professor’s dissertation that is filled with misspelled words…same difference. Those nasty nails photographed are mine by the way…no need to post the real thing. Happy Friday!