The Oscars 2015 Red Carpet Review

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals





The Oscars 2015 red carpet was beyond pretty women standing around waiting to curtsey, include it was a balloon of glamour. Not only did the best of the best designers make their make as their pieces draped over the world’s best actresses and women of power, there was a constant glow in spite of the drizzles of rain. These are my favorites. What looks were your favorite?

A Blooming Chanel

Let’s just start off by saying that the Chanel set alone was a blooming mechanical banquet. According to’s Tim Blanks, it took six months to create the 300 flowers on the set. Of course they started off as a dull bud and bloomed after being watered by a male model with a Chanel watering can. Yes, you heard it…they have watering cans. Just imagine a mechanical chic Chanel garden…yep that’s it!

If you aren’t in the spring spirit, get with it. The Chanel Spring 2015 Couture Collection has of course made us forget about the last collection. It’s amazing how Karl Lagerfeld has an overlapping form of creativity. He has the ability to blow us away in fashion every time. No collection can be possibly be his best because he always top the last with something greater.

One thing that I value more than ever are DETAILS. Details in your outfit can change your entire look whether its a bit of glitz or a piece of glam. Fancy buttons or heavy beading.

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Dream of Fendi


Fendi has once again surprised me with such a thrilling collection. Karl Lagerfeld had fun while creating such with pops of color, and making wool look as light as a feather. The Pre-Fall Collection represented an elegant woman with a sense of humor striding through life with an outlook of the brighter side. There was a moment when Fendi hid behind the shadows of other designers but now the brand is bolder than ever and steps ahead. I’d love every peeping tom of a Fendi monster to have a home in my closet. The monster on the biker jacket is my favorite piece. This is a reminder that fashion and style aren’t meant to be fun and free and most of all you. Have fun with Fendi.

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Easy Breezy Culotte Season


      T’is  the season to let your bottoms flow. I’ve always loved culottes and everything that could be paired with them. They were my favorite in high school. Culottes have made a great come-back and unlike most trends they haven’t changed a bit. I know what you’re thinking. ” They may make me look heavier or even sloppy.” Cut it out! The secret to piling (layering) properly is to have a great balance. If your top is baggy or cropped, your bottom should be fitted, high-waisted, of slim in the waist. It’s just that simple. Once you learn your curves and what makes them look great, you’ll create great looks daily.



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