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Militant Beauty


Attention all women! If you don’t own anything in your closet that is military inspired, you must fall in line! Although every photo posted here is from the Marc Jacobs Spring Ready-to-wear collection, you can also find this trend at Forever 21, Zara, H&M and more. Gold buttons, short blazers with exaggerated collars, long ¬†form fitting trench coats with embellishments are all pieces that will help you accomplish the look of a glamorous military fashion fairy. Does every piece have to be army green? No, not at all. In fact creating this look can be created with one special piece. Cinch your waist with a bold double breasted blazer and baggy jeans or trousers. We all have our own battles in life, we may as well kill the negative vibes in style.

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Sometimes you Have to Fake it!


H&M definitely knows how to give the designer world a run for their money. “Borrowing” ideas and constructing them for the stylish women on a budget (like myself) who love all things runway. I honestly thought I was imagining that I’ve seen the H&M replica some place but I couldn’t remember where. The model on the left is wearing the H&M version of the Dries Van Noten Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection. I’m not sure about you but I think H&M did a great job with the pattern, silhouette, hues, and material. All things that would determine if the fast fashion replica meets the cut!Check,check, check, and check!. The collection is affordable and of course less than 1,000 dollars. So, who really has something to lose? H&M taking the risk of being sued or Dries Van Noten underestimating the hands of the fast fashion?

Zara Pulls an Alexander Wang

As we all know Zara is one store who is constantly “inspired”. Inspiration is something that we all need to serve as the spark to our flame of imagination but is there a time that we go too far? Of course fast fashion stores are made to be commercial and more affordable than the heavyweights of luxury brands but it’s safe to say that Alexander Wang had been robbed!

The Zara SS/2014 Collection was stitched and closed amazingly. The TRF Collection has blossomed into a more mature and fashion-conscious line. What’s your point Tasha? What I’m trying to say is, why would one save her coins to afford Alexander Wang (the real thing) when Zara has made a more affordable replica just for me! Ok maybe us. Of course minor changes had to be made to dodge the bullet of a lawsuit but those changes aren’t recognizable. Enough chatter. Compare the photos yourself. I took the time to explore the WGSN Archives and stumbled upon the dear Alexander Wang’s SS/14 line. I also took in-store pictures of the Zara-Wang Collection because everything online that glitters doesn’t always shine. Take a look.