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What’s your hue?



Spring is near and it’s time for color! Master your look by first figuring out what colors work for you. How? Well try them on of course (what else did you think). Nail lacquer can also be used as a guide to figure out what hues suit you. If you don’t have time for nail polish remover simply think of what color(s) makes you feel your very best…often times that sparks my new looks instantly. My color palette includes grey, army green, black, beige, and royal blue. I decided to create a new palette when I styled myself in this look. Bad hair day? Turbans are the answer or even a hat, maybe a scarf. Whatever the issue may be, don’t allow it to ruin your look.



Short. Mod.Sweet.


I fell in love with this dress at the very beginning of the season but I thought it was a bit short for these long legs of mine. After it was marked down from 99.90 to 49.99…I couldn’t resist! I had to try it on. Yes, it was short like I imagined but I like to pull off short boxy dresses like this one with a pair of flats or sneakers.





For the petite women, you can pair a dress like this with leopard pumps or even royal blue. Royal blue shoes are my new red heels. They can be worn with anything if the color scale of your outfit is balanced. I’m wearing a Chanel-inspired Cross body purse from Forever 21. New Balance that I purchased from a New Balance outlet and few months ago. My sunnies are from Zara.

Relaxed Chic Wear

Today’s outfit was what I like to call ‘ relaxed chic’. It’s just enough to say you put forth effort with the right amount of comfort after a long week. Due to the fact that weekends off are rare for me,I decided to celebrate with a nice lunch date! I’m wearing a Zara Basic Collection top (old) you can find these tops at Forever 21, BCBG, and even Marshalls if your timing is right. My distressed jeans are from Forever 21, the style has changed since I purchased these but the new style isn’t far off. Loafers are the next best heel! Yes, i said it. If you stand on your feet for majority of work day, give your feet a break and slip on a chic loafer or smoking flats. Shhhh, it’s ok. Flats aren’t the enemy. Those who can’t style them are. ­čÖé



Mad for Plaid



Believe it or not, I’m standing in the midst of Winter on this Saturday in my new Zara Basic Collection shirt. The perks of being a Florida girl is a constant glimpse of sunshine even during the Winter time!

Plaid will always be staple for the Fall/Winter and it completes my collection of shirts nicely. When Winter is far gone and a thing of the past, you can still find a way to style up your favorite plaid shirt. I consider it a rotating piece. Maybe next season you can wear it with denim shorts, your favorite frill skirt, or a blazer and boyfriend jeans. You can wear it now and later and that’s always a great way to save and remain current and trendy.


Quick Fix

Every once and almost never, I have moments when just don’t feel like dealing with my hair. I love change and I get bored with my hair at times so I try to find ways to spice it up. I wore a Zara Man Collection scarf to an outing with friends and it made my simple look complete. There’s nothing to it, just twist the scarf together and go for the tie that you like and there you have it. Quick and easy hair.


Cute, Tough, Hippie Stuff :)






Once upon a time I hated the sight if fringe! Well honey let’s just say things change. I was searching for a new biker jacket because I got rid of my old one, I found this one is Forever 21. Yeah I know, the quality in that place has definitely changed ( and so have their prices). It was the perfect length and the right amount of fringe. My boyfriend jeans are very old and from a past Zara TRF collection but they have a few pairs in the current collection. I like to consider this look the girly bad because I just can’t do the entire tomboy look…there must be a pair of heels involved. What’s your favorite tom girly look?

Forever 21 Wu Tang Crop Top
Fringe Biker Jacket
Zara Basic Collection Heels

Shift that dress!

Allow me to run my mouth about this tiny shift dress! It’s a great staple to have and I’ve seen this style everywhere. What I haven’t see. All over the place is the great pr is that I paid for mine (19.80). Yep…that’s the original price (no sale). I must say that I’m not a fan of shirt dresses and this my friends was only a moment. A moment to get in a few clicks and share these photos with you.
find it here


Laced, knitted, and fringed with Valentino-inspired Look

SS14C-Valentino-128.jpg.imageLink.zoomableImage SS14C-Valentino-063.jpg.imageLink.zoomableImage SS14C-Valentino-054.jpg.imageLink.zoomableImage SS14C-Valentino-052.jpg.imageLink.zoomableImageLaced, knitted, and fringed with Valentino

Little Mistress short mini skirt

Black floral print dress

G750G top

Zara top

Zara lapel coat

Zara jumpsuit

Topshop jeans

Zara city bag

Zara tote

Zara handbag

Zara jewelry

Chanel lip stick


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Stars No Stripes. Black & White

Lately I’ve had an obsession with t shirts. I’m not referring to the typical girly graphic t but a shirt with fashionable meaning. Givenchy has a great line of t shirts this season and Balenciaga t shirts were a love of mine last season as well. As much as I’d like to spend big bucks on a Givenchy t shirt, it’s not quite the intellectual investment for me right now. What do I substitute a Givenchy t shirt for? Oh just a Forever 21 version that looks just like it! We did you guys think I would do? Splurge when necessary ­čśë







T shirt: Forever 21 13.80
Faux Leather Pant : 22.80
Faux Leather Fanny Pack: Charlotte Russe 13.00

Switch that, Mix it Up, and Wear it Again

Hi there! Have you ever found your self in a phase when you wear your favorite piece again and again? Well that was definitely me last week. I kept pairing thing up with my polka dot blazer. Most people say you shouldn’t wear things with such a noticeable print or pattern again and again or people would say “ugh she has that on again!” But if they had such cool pieces, they would do the same. So don’t be ashamed to wear things again! Just make sure the second round is better than the first ­čśë





IFB Project #97: Carry Your Clutch
Blazer: Forever 21
Shorts :Forever 21 14.80
Dragon NecklaceZara 29.90
shoes: Zara Woman Collection 99.90
Pink Shorts : Zara Basic Collection 49.90 similar here and here