Something old, something new, something fringe

Today was all about the main accessory….my bandana scarf that is. I purchased it at one of the many Zara’s in New York City during fashion week. This piece stood out most because of the fringe. Having something fringe for spring is almost as important for a bride to have something blue I mean there’s no excuse. You can have a fringe, bag, shoes, earrings, or necklace in this case. Just make sure you have fringe in your life for goodness sake. It’s the answer to a boring look that doesn’t need much but just a little something to tie your look together. 

Cute, Tough, Hippie Stuff :)






Once upon a time I hated the sight if fringe! Well honey let’s just say things change. I was searching for a new biker jacket because I got rid of my old one, I found this one is Forever 21. Yeah I know, the quality in that place has definitely changed ( and so have their prices). It was the perfect length and the right amount of fringe. My boyfriend jeans are very old and from a past Zara TRF collection but they have a few pairs in the current collection. I like to consider this look the girly bad because I just can’t do the entire tomboy look…there must be a pair of heels involved. What’s your favorite tom girly look?

Forever 21 Wu Tang Crop Top
Fringe Biker Jacket
Zara Basic Collection Heels

Every Girl Has a Favorite Dress

This dazzlingly fringe dress is my favorite. I’m not one who wears dresses often (I’m not sure why that is) but I can’t get enough of this one. We all know that there are pieces that one will never forget and this is one of those pieces. So instead of me constantly reminding those who have the memory of an elephant…I took pictures so she’ll (the dress) shine on all through my blog! Enjoy 🙂 I kind of have a thing for wearing my necklace backwards too.