Something old, something new, something fringe

Today was all about the main accessory….my bandana scarf that is. I purchased it at one of the many Zara’s in New York City during fashion week. This piece stood out most because of the fringe. Having something fringe for spring is almost as important for a bride to have something blue I mean there’s no excuse. You can have a fringe, bag, shoes, earrings, or necklace in this case. Just make sure you have fringe in your life for goodness sake. It’s the answer to a boring look that doesn’t need much but just a little something to tie your look together. 

Sometimes you Have to Fake it!


H&M definitely knows how to give the designer world a run for their money. “Borrowing” ideas and constructing them for the stylish women on a budget (like myself) who love all things runway. I honestly thought I was imagining that I’ve seen the H&M replica some place but I couldn’t remember where. The model on the left is wearing the H&M version of the Dries Van Noten Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection. I’m not sure about you but I think H&M did a great job with the pattern, silhouette, hues, and material. All things that would determine if the fast fashion replica meets the cut!Check,check, check, and check!. The collection is affordable and of course less than 1,000 dollars. So, who really has something to lose? H&M taking the risk of being sued or Dries Van Noten underestimating the hands of the fast fashion?

Summer Uniform

This summer I don’t have much free time outside of work so my outfit selection has become rather slim. These pants were an investment since I don’t normally spend 100 dollars on a pair of trousers but aren’t they great? They are one of my favorite staples for the summer. The fabric is light and breathable. They are from one of my favorite collections (within my reach); the Zara Woman Collection that is. So far I’ve paired them of with a fresh poplin shirt, a graphic t, and a black button up for going out. I’ve worn these pants I don’t know how many times but they sure are great! What is apart of your summer uniform?





Zara Woman Collection Pants 99.90
TRF Collections Poplin Top 35.90
Forever 21 Necklace 11.80
H&M Birki’s 26.00

Lady in Leather and Red

Lady in Leather and Red