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Militant Beauty


Attention all women! If you don’t own anything in your closet that is military inspired, you must fall in line! Although every photo posted here is from the Marc Jacobs Spring Ready-to-wear collection, you can also find this trend at Forever 21, Zara, H&M and more. Gold buttons, short blazers with exaggerated collars, long  form fitting trench coats with embellishments are all pieces that will help you accomplish the look of a glamorous military fashion fairy. Does every piece have to be army green? No, not at all. In fact creating this look can be created with one special piece. Cinch your waist with a bold double breasted blazer and baggy jeans or trousers. We all have our own battles in life, we may as well kill the negative vibes in style.

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Casual Sunday


It’s the beginning of a new month and I wanted to start it off in style. I’m wearing Zara everything today…that happened by chance believe it or not. I also purchase each item during the Zara sale! Styling a knit skirt can be a challenge of you over think it but throwing on what feels right is the answer to those small wardrobe issues that can take up a lot of your time. I paired it with an oversized denim shirt because it’s a fitted skirt and I’m all for wearing something baggy on top of the bottom is fitted or vice versa. These boots are so comfy, I think I’m going to buy more shows with the track heel. They are so much easier to walk in. Stride in style my friends.




12 Ways To Be a Chloe Girl




The Chloe Pre-Fall 2015 Collection is a great example of what a girl should look like on her best day in her best spirits. It may seem like these looks aren’t tangible because of the pricey tags that hang on them but that is so not true.

The key to a fashionable woman is her sense of imagination and her reality. The two can actually mesh well together. First, learn the color palette of the looks that you’re trying to create. Understand that designers are the best at giving us inspiration. No one said go purchase a sewing machine and fabrics and try to recreate the entire Chloe collection. Instead you can purchase pieces with similarities to the original collection and make it a style of your own.





Now that we know what look we’re going for, we need to make a grocery list. No, this isn’t your typical trip to Publix or Walmart but a list of items that you need to purchase in order to accomplish these looks.

1. White or off-white butterfly blouse.
2. A muppet coat.
3. Thigh high boots
4. A marble mixed blazer or sweater with warm hues.
5. Frill skirt.
6. Bohemian dress and top.
7. Camel wrap coat
8. Black cross body purse.
9. Something Lacey.
10. Wide leg trousers
11.plaid blanket scarf
12. Pussy bow or black ribbon

White Blouse: here , here

Wide leg pants:  here here , here , and here

Muppet Coat : here , here , here

Thigh high boots: here , here

Sweater or blazer with warm hues : here ,

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Hear the Women of Chanel Roar!

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Karl Lagerfeld has a habit of outdoing himself and of course he’s done it once again. It’s as if he’s in a race with himself and goes home with the golden trophy of trend each time. We all know that it takes a strong person to use their position in a positive way and that’s a trend that has yet to spread as fast was it should.The Chanel Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection was indeed womanly and powerful. The set created for the show was Chanel Boulevard. Lagerfeld wanted the women to strut as if they were causally walking down the street. Growing up with a feminist mother, it was only right for Lagerfeld to have a fashion show with such a powerful voice for women. A representation of the new youthful Chanel woman and the depths of her strength. With the all of the chaos taking place in Hong Kong, the show and it’s message couldn’t have had better timing. Girl power!


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Gucci Whirlwind

_ARC0492_ARC0022_ARC0579_ARC0696 _ARC0454_ARC0599

Sequin-wearing romantic rocking hipster is the best way to describe the tone of the 2015 Gucci woman. The show was amazingly creative without being out of bounce and overwhelming. Military jackets has made the Spring lineup along with flowing dresses landing just  above the knee. Frida took a few steps back into Gucci’s past and rebirth the fashion world with suede and leather. Sequin-trimmed dresses to shake up the seriousness, python boots, denim culottes…threads of the most fabulous hipster lady you could possibly imagine. Although the photos are beautiful, this is one collection the one must see in motion.

_ARC0007_ARC0235_ARC0678_ARC0438_ARC0204 _ARC0039

Bravo Frida Giannini!

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Tweed Uproar!


Tweed is no stranger to Fall/Winter but it has definitely changed its form! Sneakers…I haven’t been a fan of them since the 7th grade but I must say that I’m considering a pair this season. Chanel, Dior, Zara, and I’m sure many more designers , have presented girly girls like myself with the perfect sneaker. There will always be Nike, New Balance, and let’s not forget Adidas but there is something about the Fashion Sneaker that makes everything so right.

I  have to be honest, the Chanel sneaker is a bit on the pricey side but if you can afford them, I say go for the splurge! The Zara sneaker is defintely in my price range since it’s a huge possibility that these beauties will probably be in my closet more than they would on my feet (honesty at its finest).  You can find the Zara replica here—bags/woman/shoes/combined-trainers-c665017p1984798.html.

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