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The Oscars 2015 Red Carpet Review

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals





The Oscars 2015 red carpet was beyond pretty women standing around waiting to curtsey, include it was a balloon of glamour. Not only did the best of the best designers make their make as their pieces draped over the world’s best actresses and women of power, there was a constant glow in spite of the drizzles of rain. These are my favorites. What looks were your favorite?

Bohemian Gypsy


Nicole_Miller_03_1366Nicole_Miller_16_1366Nicole_Miller_13_1366 Nicole_Miller_12_1366

Hop off of the typical train ride through your closet and have an adventure with the magic-carpet looks from Nicole Miller’s Pre-Fall 2015 Collection. The bohemian girl meets her inner gypsy and go for a ride. Every look is as cool, calm, and collected as we all wish to be on a daily basis. I love this collection because is it the perfect mix. Not too, girly but it has everything that would make you feel laid back and beautiful at the same time. Who ever said that you have to look or feel uncomfortable to reap the benefits of looking beautiful? Honey, take a deep breath and exhale the expectations of the world’s idea of beauty and create your own. What are the ingredients to becoming the beauty boho-gypsy? A fringe kimono, a pair of flare printed pants, a maxi dress [show your shoulders if you dare], thin necklaces [ chunky jewels won’t do the trick this time], a beaded cross body bag, and strappy sandals or heels. My latest post have been on Pre-Fall 2015 collections because you can only become fashion forward if you look ahead. Stride in style my friends.

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12 Ways To Be a Chloe Girl




The Chloe Pre-Fall 2015 Collection is a great example of what a girl should look like on her best day in her best spirits. It may seem like these looks aren’t tangible because of the pricey tags that hang on them but that is so not true.

The key to a fashionable woman is her sense of imagination and her reality. The two can actually mesh well together. First, learn the color palette of the looks that you’re trying to create. Understand that designers are the best at giving us inspiration. No one said go purchase a sewing machine and fabrics and try to recreate the entire Chloe collection. Instead you can purchase pieces with similarities to the original collection and make it a style of your own.





Now that we know what look we’re going for, we need to make a grocery list. No, this isn’t your typical trip to Publix or Walmart but a list of items that you need to purchase in order to accomplish these looks.

1. White or off-white butterfly blouse.
2. A muppet coat.
3. Thigh high boots
4. A marble mixed blazer or sweater with warm hues.
5. Frill skirt.
6. Bohemian dress and top.
7. Camel wrap coat
8. Black cross body purse.
9. Something Lacey.
10. Wide leg trousers
11.plaid blanket scarf
12. Pussy bow or black ribbon

White Blouse: here , here

Wide leg pants:  here here , here , and here

Muppet Coat : here , here , here

Thigh high boots: here , here

Sweater or blazer with warm hues : here ,

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Clean and Chic





Clean,chic,pretty business is a great representation of the Marissa Webb Pre Fall 2015 collection. Not only should styling yourself become a lot easier, your pockets should also become a lot heavier.  Well that’s if you’re a cash carrying gal but you get what I’m trying to say. Looking forward when it comes to fashion will always save you money. There’s no need to invest in 5-second trends when you’re looking to have a style with a lasting impression. Cropped blazers have become my new “thing’. They’re easier to use as a layering piece without making yourself feel or look puffy or tight. A sheer blouse is a finishing touch, you can even choose to wear one with a pussybow, whatever fits your style is great. The vest in the picture above is darling and perfect to wear during the transitional time. You know like a warm day with a bit of a breeze? Trousers are a staple that can be styled in several ways. You can find an affordable pair at Walmart, Forever 21, Express, Zara, H&M, and a few other stores. Since black trousers are easy to come by, its great to make them apart of your daily wardrobe, you can style them up or down. Marissa Webb styled them up in this instance. You can also find stylish coats like those in her collection by racking up during the winter sale this season and holding onto them until next fall. Shop for hues that can be used for several seasons like great, black, army green, and ox blood. Here’s more photos of my favorite looks from the Marissa Webb Pre-Fall Collection. Enjoy.




Dream of Fendi


Fendi has once again surprised me with such a thrilling collection. Karl Lagerfeld had fun while creating such with pops of color, and making wool look as light as a feather. The Pre-Fall Collection represented an elegant woman with a sense of humor striding through life with an outlook of the brighter side. There was a moment when Fendi hid behind the shadows of other designers but now the brand is bolder than ever and steps ahead. I’d love every peeping tom of a Fendi monster to have a home in my closet. The monster on the biker jacket is my favorite piece. This is a reminder that fashion and style aren’t meant to be fun and free and most of all you. Have fun with Fendi.

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