Militant Beauty


Attention all women! If you don’t own anything in your closet that is military inspired, you must fall in line! Although every photo posted here is from the Marc Jacobs Spring Ready-to-wear collection, you can also find this trend at Forever 21, Zara, H&M and more. Gold buttons, short blazers with exaggerated collars, long  form fitting trench coats with embellishments are all pieces that will help you accomplish the look of a glamorous military fashion fairy. Does every piece have to be army green? No, not at all. In fact creating this look can be created with one special piece. Cinch your waist with a bold double breasted blazer and baggy jeans or trousers. We all have our own battles in life, we may as well kill the negative vibes in style.

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photos: courtesy of http://www.style.com

Been Around the World…

I’ve been around the world without lifting a finger… well maybe two. Thanks to Style.com, I’ve found myself on an adventure. I’m still stuck in New York trying to unglue myself from Fashion Week while sticking my toes in the fashion pond in Milan. I mean what’s a girl to do when you have such exposure to the runway without the hassle of flights and baggage fees?

I’ve finally found the time to go on and on about my favorites and all the good coming to Spring. Sheesh there’s so many but you have time right? There is always time for fashion especially when it gives you the opportunity to be what they call fashion forward. The only time being forward is exceptable. Today J. Crew is on my morning menu and let me tell you darlings it is yummy. My most favorite (only) collection from them so far. Describe the collection in one word? Breezy. This collection was constructed for the woman with few cares in the world, at least when it comes to her style. Relaxed wear that still manages to be chic. Effortless style.

J_Crew_Woman_27_1366 J_Crew_Woman_08_1366J_Crew_Woman_25_1366J_Crew_Woman_04_1366J_Crew_Woman_06_1366J_Crew_Woman_18_1366J_Crew_Woman_11_1366J_Crew_Woman_26_1366 J_Crew_Woman_12_1366

Photos Courtesy of http://www.style.com

The perfect Day Party Look

The perfect Day Party Look

Jil Sander crop top

Burberry black purse

Dolce Gabbana coin jewelry
$765 – flannels.com

Tom Ford sunglasses

Mule Along


This one is for all the women who absoultely love spring. The time that we pull out our favorite dresses, skirts, sandals and clean our homes some time in between. This spring will be different! Trust me. Throw your favorite sandals aside and slip on a pair of mules. Yes! Mules, are the hottest trend on my “Things I NEED for spring list.” There is a variety of styles to choose from. Open toe, peep toes to hide those not so darling but hard-working feet of yours, tassels, leather,bright colors,white and black for those who like to play it safe. Mules are the new strappy sandal of the season. Most styles that I’ve tried on myself, were very comfortable and great to wear for a day of shopping or a long day of work. Go on… say farewell to all those straps and buckles and mule on! Looking for a designer mules without the designer price? Find a blog worthy pair here




Fashion Pop

Fashion Pop

 Pop Art has always been one of my favorite topics to speak about; my favorite portraits were inspired by Andy Warhol and all  of his great work. Then something great happened! Pop Art and fashion had a baby. Well a few babies were born, Dior Kenzo, Celine, Chanel, and more. Fashion has always been a form of art but this time the strokes are beyond style. These collections are for those who take strides of confidence and allow their style to speak without saying a word.


Photo Credit: style.com

Color Wheel

     It’s official. I’m addicted to color. With the help and inspiration of our dear Celine;color is the ‘thing’ of the season. Rainbow? No not quite. Imagine a canvas (fabric inthis case) smeared with vibrant colors and splattered paint. No, the garment isn’t ruined…it has a color wheel full of character. My latest photo shoot was at the state fair. I wore a Zara Collection Celine -inspired dress that was a few hundred dollars less. Pricey things aren’t the trend…the trend is to look and feel your very best. Go on. Be daring and pull a color piece or two.ImageImage





So there’s this thing…

So there’s this thing that I had for white shoes…I hated them! They were a constant reminder of Easter Sunday with polka dots, floral prints and scuff marks. White shoes were never in decent condition, at least from my view. I think the last time I’ve worn a pair…I was maybe 5 years old wearing a straw hat with a pink ribbon tied in a bow. And then came along these babies. Zara will make you fall in love with things you hated for oh so long. Meet my new blanco babes. 🙂



Fine Lines Between Springtime

Hi dolls! I’ve finally felt the need to do away with darker things(in my closet that is)Spring is my favorite season and I can’t wait until it gets here! I’m celebrating the season in advance with my new Zara Basic Collection top, a random pair of black trousers, the new babies (Chanel Espadrilles), and a Michael Kors Hampton Bag that I purchased at Macy’s