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The Art of Style

As my fashion consultanting business grows, I’ve noticed one thing. My clients (in the beginning) are excited about their new look and the great feeling about self that it brings but when they actually try on the clothing there’s always a wall that they must conquer  before the breakthrough to their improved self. A sense of doubt is what I’ll call it. Sometimes we think our clothing is the problem but style goes far beyond what we can see.

The body is only considered the coat rack in this case when referring to style. We can only pull off looks that we believe in. What do I mean? Well we have to first feel good, knowing that clothes are what we make them and never the opposite. It doesn’t take a celebrity to pull off great fashion but a person the mentality of a winner. Think of the feeling that 1st place brings, it’s great right? Well we must grasp that same feeling as we walk through everyday life… In style that is.

As a fashion stylist, dressing up makes me feel like I’m at my best because it expresses exactly who I am without saying a word…I tend to dress how I feel. I don’t mean when I’m up or down but the person that I want to be in that moment. No says become bipolar! When I feel like my executive self I wear clothing inspired by menswear such as brogue shoes. Women are executives too, sometimes I wear nude pumps or a pencil skirt as well.I’m not saying that’s what all executives wear but that’s my look of an executive. Other days I feel care free and happy and those emotions call for lace up sandals, and fringe. Your style is exactly what you make it, not the money that you may or may not have.

High-low has become a very popular way of styling but I say forget popularity, it’s simply smart. I love pairing Chanel with Forever 21, H&M, and sometimes Zara!  If you can something close to your dream designer collection, why not buy it if buying the original isn’t in your budget. Style your outfit just like the image in the look ok but the only difference would be the money that you saved in your pocket or purse…whatever you get the point. 

The point of all of the jabber is own the style that you want and wear it without the presence of doubt. Your days will be go by exactly the way you want them to when you tweak your style mentality. 

Bohemian Gypsy


Nicole_Miller_03_1366Nicole_Miller_16_1366Nicole_Miller_13_1366 Nicole_Miller_12_1366

Hop off of the typical train ride through your closet and have an adventure with the magic-carpet looks from Nicole Miller’s Pre-Fall 2015 Collection. The bohemian girl meets her inner gypsy and go for a ride. Every look is as cool, calm, and collected as we all wish to be on a daily basis. I love this collection because is it the perfect mix. Not too, girly but it has everything that would make you feel laid back and beautiful at the same time. Who ever said that you have to look or feel uncomfortable to reap the benefits of looking beautiful? Honey, take a deep breath and exhale the expectations of the world’s idea of beauty and create your own. What are the ingredients to becoming the beauty boho-gypsy? A fringe kimono, a pair of flare printed pants, a maxi dress [show your shoulders if you dare], thin necklaces [ chunky jewels won’t do the trick this time], a beaded cross body bag, and strappy sandals or heels. My latest post have been on Pre-Fall 2015 collections because you can only become fashion forward if you look ahead. Stride in style my friends.

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Shop at Your Own Risk

Shop at Your Own Risk

This has to be the best replica this season, and boy am I grateful. I love to shop and yes I love designer things but sometimes you just have to be smart. Platforms, flatforms whatever you choose to call them will probably be a short-lived trend so why on earth would I spend nearly $1000 if you could spend close to $200? Names aren’t everything (although most people think they are). The worst thing a so-called fashion ¬†fanatic could do is blow money on what’s in today and have nothing to spend for tomorrow. Stella I love you but Jeffrey has done it again!

5 Ways to Make your Look Great!

1. Find inspiration in Fashion Magazines.

2. Wear pieces that are a reflection you and not someone else.

3. Create looks that say everything about your confidence (in a good way)without saying a word.

4. Smile. A smile brings a brighter perspective to your day. Frowns weigh you down.

5.Become the best you and stick to that!


Sometimes you Have to Fake it!


H&M definitely knows how to give the designer world a run for their money. “Borrowing” ideas and constructing them for the stylish women on a budget (like myself) who love all things runway. I honestly thought I was imagining that I’ve seen the H&M replica some place but I couldn’t remember where. The model on the left is wearing the H&M version of the Dries Van Noten Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection. I’m not sure about you but I think H&M did a great job with the pattern, silhouette, hues, and material. All things that would determine if the fast fashion replica meets the cut!Check,check, check, and check!. The collection is affordable and of course less than 1,000 dollars. So, who really has something to lose? H&M taking the risk of being sued or Dries Van Noten underestimating the hands of the fast fashion?