Quick Fix!

So I fell in love with this Zara TRF dress but I’m not really a dress girl and it was a bit too danity for me. So I made it my style by adding a little bit of leather. You can transform a look fast with a simple biker jacket and boots. Kissing Miss goody two shoes goodbye! 

Something old, something new, something fringe

Today was all about the main accessory….my bandana scarf that is. I purchased it at one of the many Zara’s in New York City during fashion week. This piece stood out most because of the fringe. Having something fringe for spring is almost as important for a bride to have something blue I mean there’s no excuse. You can have a fringe, bag, shoes, earrings, or necklace in this case. Just make sure you have fringe in your life for goodness sake. It’s the answer to a boring look that doesn’t need much but just a little something to tie your look together. 

What’s your hue?



Spring is near and it’s time for color! Master your look by first figuring out what colors work for you. How? Well try them on of course (what else did you think). Nail lacquer can also be used as a guide to figure out what hues suit you. If you don’t have time for nail polish remover simply think of what color(s) makes you feel your very best…often times that sparks my new looks instantly. My color palette includes grey, army green, black, beige, and royal blue. I decided to create a new palette when I styled myself in this look. Bad hair day? Turbans are the answer or even a hat, maybe a scarf. Whatever the issue may be, don’t allow it to ruin your look.



Casual Sunday


It’s the beginning of a new month and I wanted to start it off in style. I’m wearing Zara everything today…that happened by chance believe it or not. I also purchase each item during the Zara sale! Styling a knit skirt can be a challenge of you over think it but throwing on what feels right is the answer to those small wardrobe issues that can take up a lot of your time. I paired it with an oversized denim shirt because it’s a fitted skirt and I’m all for wearing something baggy on top of the bottom is fitted or vice versa. These boots are so comfy, I think I’m going to buy more shows with the track heel. They are so much easier to walk in. Stride in style my friends.




Shine All Day


One thing that I’ve noticed overtime is people being afraid to sparkle. Why on earth would I wait for the sun to go down in order to shine? There’s 24 hours in a day and I say use as many as possible. Im not saying wear your outfit for a night outing with your friends the entire day but shine a little. I’ve had these Zara bejeweled sling backs for about two years and I wear the most during the day. How? Easy. Grab your favorite pair of jeans or leather pants and brighten up the day. The sun isn’t the only thing with an illuminating touch. You can also wear a sequin clutch with a full denim look or all black. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple and not overwhelming. Please don’t overwhelm a great look with all your glam at once…save a little for next time. Start your day in jewels, diamonds, or a touch of sequin and you’ll shine all day.

Short. Mod.Sweet.


I fell in love with this dress at the very beginning of the season but I thought it was a bit short for these long legs of mine. After it was marked down from 99.90 to 49.99…I couldn’t resist! I had to try it on. Yes, it was short like I imagined but I like to pull off short boxy dresses like this one with a pair of flats or sneakers.





For the petite women, you can pair a dress like this with leopard pumps or even royal blue. Royal blue shoes are my new red heels. They can be worn with anything if the color scale of your outfit is balanced. I’m wearing a Chanel-inspired Cross body purse from Forever 21. New Balance that I purchased from a New Balance outlet and few months ago. My sunnies are from Zara.

Relaxed Chic Wear

Today’s outfit was what I like to call ‘ relaxed chic’. It’s just enough to say you put forth effort with the right amount of comfort after a long week. Due to the fact that weekends off are rare for me,I decided to celebrate with a nice lunch date! I’m wearing a Zara Basic Collection top (old) you can find these tops at Forever 21, BCBG, and even Marshalls if your timing is right. My distressed jeans are from Forever 21, the style has changed since I purchased these but the new style isn’t far off. Loafers are the next best heel! Yes, i said it. If you stand on your feet for majority of work day, give your feet a break and slip on a chic loafer or smoking flats. Shhhh, it’s ok. Flats aren’t the enemy. Those who can’t style them are. 🙂



Mad for Plaid



Believe it or not, I’m standing in the midst of Winter on this Saturday in my new Zara Basic Collection shirt. The perks of being a Florida girl is a constant glimpse of sunshine even during the Winter time!

Plaid will always be staple for the Fall/Winter and it completes my collection of shirts nicely. When Winter is far gone and a thing of the past, you can still find a way to style up your favorite plaid shirt. I consider it a rotating piece. Maybe next season you can wear it with denim shorts, your favorite frill skirt, or a blazer and boyfriend jeans. You can wear it now and later and that’s always a great way to save and remain current and trendy.